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Automatic Tracking And Targeting Water Monitor For Fire Fighting

The fire monitor adopts thermal imaging technology incorporating computerized control, mechanical operation, and remote communication technologies, all built into one unit.

When a fire occurs in the area protected by the fire monitor, the infrared imaging sensor will detect the fire and activate the device. It will rotate to locate the exact location and direct the nozzle of the device at the fire. Water will then be discharged from the nozzle, in the form of a water jet, onto the fire. The device is able to locate the exact position of the fire and direct water discharge at the fire within 30 seconds of its detection of the fire.

Description Here's how it works

After the fire is extinguished, the water discharge can be stopped automatically, then it will automatically return to its standby mode. If the fire re-ignites or there is another fire, the fire monitor will activate again.

Product Features:

Advanced fire detection technology with human verification
Early detection is achieved through the use of thermal infrared sensors and high-definition video. All fire fighting actions/alarms need to be confirmed by professionals before they can be executed.

Always on guard — 24/7/365
Using artificial intelligence and infrared guidance principles, automatic detecting, automatic positioning and fire extinguishing, automatic valve shut-off, and water shut-off. Ensure the safety of your property at all times.

High quality and good reputation
The products are exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Saudi, South Korea and installed in tens of thousands of projects, and won unanimous praise from customers. The product has been repeatedly reported by china CCTV.

Easy to install and operate, with long service life.
All parameters have been preset before the product leaves the factory, users only need to follow the instructions.

Product Parameters:

Working pressure: 0.6mpa
Flow rate: 5l/s
Protection radius: 24m
Jet radius: 27m
Working voltage: 85-242vac
Power consumption: Locating: Max 3 watts
Scanning: Max. 10 watts
Positioning time: ≤ the 30s
Fire extinguishing time: ≤3 mins
Horizontal protection angle: 0-360°
Installation height: 6-15m

Application and after-sales service:

Scope of application: General purpose industrial buildings and structures, high occupancy places, large space building, for example, airports, railway stations, museums, industrial plants, large shopping malls, large warehouses, power plants, coal mines, colleges, and universities, etc

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