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Control Console Of Fire Monitor

PJK control host of fire monitor is the centralized control host of automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing device, and the color LCD touch screen displays the operation. It is connected with a fire monitor, field operation panel, and terminal water test device with bus communication function through CAN bus. It can receive all alarm action information of the whole system and control the fire extinguishing device. It is installed in the fire control room.

Description Here's how it works

It can communicate with the field equipment through CAN bus, and select the currently controlled fire extinguishing device through the color LCD touch screen; it can control and set the power supply of each fire extinguishing device, display all the fire alarm, CAN communication fault, the automatic status of the nozzle, start valve, starts the pump and other states in the system; it can also control the automatic state conversion, on-off valve and pump switch of the nozzle.

Product Features:

●Working voltage: 110-220 VAC
●Power consumption: No more than 50W
●Communication mode: CAN bus
●Display mode: Color LCD touch screen

Product Parameters:

●Pump starting line: It is directly connected to the passive starting terminal of the water pump control cabinet or the input module of the automatic fire alarm system to start the pump through the automatic fire alarm system;
●The power supply of valve: Connect AC220 V valve wire to the field fire monitor;
●Main power input L: Connected to AC220 V_ L power supply;
●Main power input N: Connected to AC220 V_ N power supply;
●Main power input E: Connect to AC220 V earth line;
●UPS input L: Connected to the power supply of UPS AC220 V_ L;
●UPS input N: Connected to the power supply of UPS AC220 V_ N;
●UPS input E: Connected to the power supply of UPS AC220 V_ E;
●The output of power supply: connect the AC220 V to the field fire monitor;
●CAN_H: Connect the H signal of the CAN bus to the field fire monitor, it can also be understood as a positive pole;
●CAN_L: Connect the L signal of the CAN bus to the field fire monitor, it can also be understood as a negative pole;
●Feedback line: Status of fire pump controller;
●Emergency button: When pressed down, all valves will be cut off and water spraying will be stopped immediately; when the right-hand rotation pops up, all valves will be powered on;
●Internal air switch: The whole system is powered on when the upward switch is closed, and the whole system is powered off when the pull-down switch is disconnected;
●Video cable: BNC male should be made respectively and directly connected to the corresponding video output terminal of DVR of video host.

Application and After-Sales Service:

Scope of application: General purpose industrial buildings and structures, high occupancy places, large space building, for example, airports, railway stations, museums, industrial plants, large shopping malls, large warehouses, power plants, coal mines, colleges, and universities, etc

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