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Electric Control Box Of Fire Monitor

The Electric Control Box of Fire Monitor is a general part, which can control all types of Fire Monitors. It is generally installed on the inclined top of the Fire Monitor, fixed on the horizontal water pipe above the Fire Monitor, or installed on the wall 1.5 meters away from the ground below the Fire Monitor. If there is a ceiling, it can also be placed horizontally in the ceiling. No matter where the installation is, attention should be paid to the convenience of wiring. A certain length of cable should be reserved to ensure that it is not tight and loose, and the Fire Monitor can be easily rotated. The signal line, power line, valve power supply line, and solenoid valve line should be connected in this box.

Description Here's how it works

Connect to the power supply(220V), then converted to DC power for the Fire Monitor;
Contact for communication bus;
Contact for solenoid valve and start-up of the pump;
Input/output of external fire alarm, normally open contact;
Connect to the Fire Monitor by cable;
BNC connector for the video signal.

Product Features:

Indispensable equipment
One Fire Monitor must be equipped with one Electric Control Box.

Product Parameters:

●Working voltage: 220 VAC
●Working current: ≤1A
●Monitoring current: ≤100mA
●Operational environment: 4-55℃ ≤95%RH
●Overall size: 18cmx18cmx7cm

Application and After-Sales Service:

Scope of application: General purpose industrial buildings and structures, high occupancy places, large space building, for example, airports, railway stations, museums, industrial plants, large shopping malls, large warehouses, power plants, coal mines, colleges, and universities, etc

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